A new website, and a few optimistic ideas

This website of mine is built with the aim of sharing and cataloguing research, information, and commentary, both that which I’ve produced and things I have stumbled across elsewhere. Basically I love Twitter but sometimes 140 characters just doesn’t cut it.

Plus the benefits of having your own slice of the internet are clear, particularly for researchers. Unconvinced? This post from Ben Deaton perfectly surmises why. When considering teaching this becomes more about CPD, reflection, debate, and a more verbose extension of the Twitter feed (following the lead of Mark Miller at The Goldfish Bowl).

In addition to this I would say that education is a social enterprise; it is (almost) impossible to learn anything without some interaction with others. So I consider this another little space where that can happen. In the spirit of discussion, feel free to get in touch if you’d like, or leave a comment.

On the every page of this site is the quote “only the educated are free”, attributed to the stoic philosopher Epictetus.  This really resonates with me, as it highlights the importance of knowledge from a standpoint of social mobility. I feel that if freedom is a fundamental human right, then education and knowledge-sharing should be as open and unrestricted as possible. This view fits well with the open source movement, recent developments in open education, and indeed the technologically-rich society in which we find ourselves. It doesn’t, however, fit very well with the industrial model of education seen throughout the modern world (more on that later, no doubt).

It’s also a reasonable storage point for various different online resources I use or make (there’s nothing that can;t be cobbled together with Python and php…).

I have started this site with hope; hope that through sharing I can make small changes in the educational experience of others, hope that I can do my little bit to make the world a better place, and hope that you can halp me.